Coming to the Maine coast for a vacation? Our Maine lighthouse tours are fun and educational.


It is safe to say that you are arranging an excursion on the bank of Maine? You have discovered the ideal spot to begin. Our Maine beacon visits have been precisely wanted to recharge your psyche and invigorate your soul. The visits are fun and verifiable. Leave away with us and let the ocean breezes clear your considerations out while you appreciate the staggering view and awesome nourishment.

The State of Maine is like no other with its' rugged rockbound coast, many inlets, off shore islands, its' hardy-suntanned fishermen, magnificant lighthouses and crusty, dry humor of its' natives.

In 1896, Sara Orne Jewett, Maines first great author, wrote, '' of the bank of Maine where numerous greenish islands and salt channels periphery the center cut shore lines where resin Firs and Bayberry hedges send their aroma far Seawards and song_sparrows sing throughout the Day and the tide runs plashing in and out among the weedy edges where cowbells tinkle on the slopes and herons stand in shady bays on the forlorn shorelines of Maine stood a little dark House confronting the morning light. All the climate beaten Houses of that district confront the ocean uneasily, similar to the ladies who live in them .

The dominant fact is that the State of Maine is a natural, unassuming beauty. The rugged Maine Coast, with all its inlets and islands has over 4,000 miles of shoreline. Divided in three parts, tourists havens run from Kittery to Portland in the south... the mid coast is less cluttered and extends from Portland to Bar Harbor, while Mt Desert to Canada is pure down east, so named because much of the Maine coast is in an easterly direction and sailors going in that direction are sailing downwind. The far downeast is less populated, fewer towns, colder winters and sharp winds - a place of solitude and natural beauty.

The State of Maine is well known for its' lobsters, blueberries, potatoes and, of course the hardy lobstermen who work (for the most part) alone in their boats, working their own traps and keeping their own hours. It's never easy, but there is a certain appeal to this business for these 'men of the sea' as they set out each day to manage their business.

Come in and 'sit a spell' - check out our exciting Lighthouse tours along the Maine Coast for 2003, each one is unique. Leave all your cares behind and come away with us where the land meets the sea, visit some of Maine's magnificient lighthouses, spend a night on a magical Island, take a cruise and so much more from which you can choose. Be prepared for a quot;wickedquot; good time and you'll have a vacation to remember on the beautiful coast of Maine.

''Hey Aaal, have you ever been to Eastport?''.
quot;No Bert, I can't say's I havequot;
quot;Wellquot;, Bert replied, quot;I went there last week to see my buddy and it ain't the end of the world, but you can see it from therequot;.

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