windbell JULY 10 - 13, 2003 Tour #710HL

A buoy is a floating object anchored in the ocean to warn of rocks, shoals,etc. or to mark a channel.

There are several types of buoys - some with whistles, some with bells, some with lights. Buoys are placed in the ocean to mark the lobsterman's traps. Each lobsterman paints his buoys with a special color and design that is strictly his own and his traps can be easily identified.

Our North Country Wind Bells are a very special buoy bell that is made in a small town on the coast of Maine. Each bell is shaped from a high grade of Cor-Ten steel that is used in building bridges, guardrails and buildings because it requires no maintenance. It does not flake rust or peel. The natural oxidation will turn the bells to a rich rust color as they weather. It tempers with age creating a clearer, more resonant tone. This rich patina of rust can be made deeper by an annual rubbing of plain salad oil. But if you perfer, you can spray your bell with a black metal paint to keep it black. These Wind Bells are designed to hang outdoors year round.

The inspiration for these Wind Bells began when Jim Davidson, a former lobsterman, spent countless hours on the water listening to the pounding surf and the warning of the bell buoys. He began to record the sounds as he hauled his lobster traps and eagerly sought out other bells in the region. After hours of listening to the bell sounds and working the steel to match the bell tones, he produced his first set of bells: Boothbay Harbor, Camden Reach, Bar Harbor, Kennebunkport, Pemaquid and Nantucket Bells. These bells recall the haunting, yet comforting sounds along the Maine/New England Coast. Hang them away from the coast and let them respond to the gentle breezes to remind you of ocean swells and sounds of coastal bells.

These bells make wonderful - longlasting gifts that will be endured and become family heirlooms.

Click on each bell to hear the belltones.


Island Pasture Bell...... height 8 inches Triple tones.......$37.25
Boothbay Harbor Bell...height 10 inches Triple tones.....$43.25
Camden Reach Bell...... height 12 inches Triple tones....$49.75
Bar Harbor Bell.............height 14 inches Triple tones....$57.75
Kennebunkport Bell......height 15.5 inches Two tones....$69.75
Pemaquid Bell.............. height 18 inches Triple tones.....$82.75

Flying Triangle or Bell Buoy

Small..........for 8 or 10 inch bell........$10.25
Medium...... for 12 to 14 inch bell.......$10.25
Jumbo.........for 15.5 to 18 inch bell..$10.25

The Scroll Silhouette Hanger brackets match the high quality of the bells They come in two lengths and may be purchased plain or with a Lighthouse, Moose, Bear or Cat perched on the top. (Screws included).

PRICES: Scroll Hanger Brackets
Plain: 9 inch - $15.00..... 18 inch - 21.00
Top Perch: 9 inch - $29.00..... 18 inch - 39.50

WELCOME SIGN HANGERS give a warm welcome to your guests. Made of the same high quality as the bells, they come in 6 styles: Loon, Moose, Bear, Fish, Puffin or Lighthouse. PRICE $46.00. Maine Expressions is dedicated to bring only Maines finest kind of products to you.